Team building and leadership insurance

If you’re seeking leadership and team building insurance, you may have looked at online-only, tick-the-boxes, insurance. Here’s why we suggest you shouldn’t…

Would you expect your clients to choose you as their team-building leader without talking to you and asking about your capabilities? We thought not. That’s why we like to talk with you if you’re looking for any of the following:

  • Team building insurance
  • Outdoor education insurance
  • Team building course insurance
  • Team building instructor insurance
  • Leadership instructor insurance

Team building and leadership insurance

Since 1995, our experienced team has done more than just tick boxes. We learn all about you, your background and your team building/leadership work. Only then do we design your bespoke cover.

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More about outdoor education & leadership Insurance

You could be training or coaching individuals, or groups from schools and field study centres. They could be schoolchildren or pensioners, corporate clients or amateur geologists – and things could go wrong…

  • A once-in-a-lifetime misjudgement on your part
  • Misunderstood instructions
  • A flying stone-chip on a geology field trip
  • Your trainee’s over-confidence after taking your advice

Even with foresight and planning, people get into difficulties. Finding yourself on the wrong end of a claim is no time to find you’re uninsured. When things go awry, the wrong insurance makes things worse. On the other hand, you could have chosen a partner who settles claims fast and efficiently.

Team building & leadership insurance that works

Some insurers know a bit about lots of different cover. We’ve built our business on knowing lots about a few areas – including leadership-course insurance.

Our bespoke cover goes beyond the basics – including indemnifying you for advice you give trainees and what they do with it afterwards.

We’re also experienced providers of the cover required by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) – if you’re registered with AALA you’ll know all about their expectations.

Let’s talk about your insurance today

Will you instruct under the shadow of uninsured risk, or join hundreds of clients who rely on our team building and leadership insurance for year-round peace of mind?

Please ask us a question, learn more or get your no-obligation quotation today.

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