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  • Specialist cover that pays out when it matters

    The terms 'bespoke' and 'tailored' are overworked in personal and business insurance. Every broker uses them, but few deliver quite like us. We do, and we succeed in getting cover that actually pays out in the event of a claim � for freerunning urban explorers, high-spending wine importers and others facing unusual underwriting risks.

  • Few match our specialist capability

    Many insurers will sell you off-the-shelf cover. Not so many listen hard, then design cover for your exact circumstances. Fewer still match our knowledge in the sectors where we specialise. Rather than knowing a little about lots, we specialise in knowing lots about a few insurance sectors.

  • Personal contact from enquiry to settlement

    From fitness insurance to leaking apartments, experience shows that the people who negotiate your policy at inception or renewal should be your first contact if you claim. Our team members are the people most familiar with your circumstances and contract. That's why they're best placed to monitor your claim and settle it.

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