Caving instructor and camping guide insurance

If you take groups or individuals caving or camping, instructor insurance is essential in case of public liability claims against you. Here’s why…

Caving and camping insurance covers two of the most contrasting activities that you can teach as an activity leader or instructor. Camping could mean anything from a relaxed weekend on the coast to a high-altitude winter bivouac in the Cairngorms. Caving is also seriously challenging for instructor and participants alike.

That’s why, whether you’re seeking camping accident cover or specialised caving instructor insurance you deserve the support of a special kind of broker.

Caving instructor and camping guide insurance

When you take a group camping you need to know about them in advance. The same applies when you lead speleologists deep underground. We doubt whether you’d do either without understanding your group’s experience and capabilities. It’s the same when we arrange your camping or caving public liability cover.

That’s why, since 1995, our experienced team has arranged instructor’s public liability insurance for hundreds of clients. In every case, we learn about you and your activities before designing suitable cover.

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More on camping and caving insurance for instructors

As professionals in our fields, we both understand the risks associated with caving and other activities – and how things can go wrong:

  • A sudden change in the weather
  • A moment’s distraction
  • Misunderstood instructions
  • A mistake when someone follows your advice

As the instructor, being on the wrong end of an insurance claim isn’t the time to discover you don’t have the correct caving or camping public liability cover:

  • Caving guide insurance
  • Caving accident insurance
  • Camping instructor insurance
  • Camping guide insurance

By the way, did you know that, under UK law, if you arrange accommodation or travel as well as camping or caving, you’re a tour operator who requires special insurance? If this is you, please ask for more information.

Caving and camping instructor insurance that works

If things go wrong, having an unhelpful insurer only makes things worse. On the other hand, you could have a partner who settles claims fast and efficiently – like us.

While some insurers know a bit about lots of different cover, we know lots about a few areas – including camping and caving insurance. Our cover goes way beyond the basics. Unlike many insurers, we’ll even indemnify you for advice you give to individuals and groups.

Let’s talk about your camping insurance

Do you really want to take anyone camping or caving without suitable liability insurance? We thought not. That’s why you should join the instructors who already trust our caving and camping insurance.

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