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Obstacle course insurance

If you organise obstacle course race events race events or mud runs you need the best possible public and employers' liability cover. Here’s why…

Is your obstacle event up with the top ‘mudders’, ‘zombie runs’ and ‘warrior’ events? Or is it just a local charity fund-raiser? Either way, even if entrants don’t have to sign a ‘death waiver’, things can (and do) go awry during planning as well as during events themselves. We’re here to arrange obstacle course event insurance that makes sure minor incidents don’t become uninsured nightmares…

With so much at stake, including your reputation as an organiser, you deserve a special broker, a carefully matched underwriter and obstacle course event insurance designed specifically for your events.

Trust only proven cover that protects you during the planning, organisation and running phases. And make sure your obstacle course insurance covers rising indemnity limits. They’re often stipulated in contracts, but where £2m or £5m used to be standard, £10m minimum indemnity is now common. The thing is, many brokers can’t get this fully underwritten by a single insurer, which complicates matters for you. We can.

Obstacle course insurance

Whether your event has an assault course or hordes of zombies, we’re sure you’ll plan everything thoroughly – including your liability insurance.

It’s the same when we arrange your cover. Since 1981, our team has carefully matched specialist insurance to the needs of outdoor activity-events like yours. Just as skilled obstacle course runners plan the best way to tackle flooded tunnels and inclined walls, we take time to understand you and your event before recommending appropriate cover.

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More on obstacle course insurance

As professionals in our fields, we both ‘get’ the risks associated with obstacle course events – and organising them:

  • A water cushion isn’t as deep as it should be and a competitor breaks a leg – it’s happened on obstacle courses at UK events.
  • A participant collides with one of your marshals at a bottleneck, injuring both.
  • Someone claims against one of your subcontractors. Before you know it, you’re drawn into the claim.

For most participants, obstacle courses are an enjoyable way to have fun in the mud. However, there are risks. As an event organiser, facing claims without suitable public or employer’s liability cover could be an insurmountable obstacle to growing your business.

Obstacle course insurance

Obstacle course event insurance that works

Compared to the adrenalin-fuelled atmosphere of obstacle races, obstacle course race insurance isn’t particularly exciting. That said, good insurance cover gives you, employees, participants and suppliers priceless peace of mind at every stage.

That’s right, at every stage. You see, there are good reasons why your cover shouldn’t just be for the day of the event:

  • Annual cover is likely to be more cost-effective for you.
  • Season-long protection lessens the risk of early-season claims jeopardising a whole year’s event programme.
  • Year-end adjustments reflect how many events you ran so you don’t have to pay for cover you don’t need.

Whatever obstacles participants run, crawl and climb over, 30 years’ experience, and specialist underwriters, mean we’ll arrange suitable cover backed by service you can trust.

We’ll sort your obstacle course insurance while you arrange another successful event. Unfortunately, we can’t make the obstacles easier or the water warmer – but that would spoil the fun anyway!

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