Wine & Spirits trade insurance


There’s more to spirits and wine insurance than you’d imagine.

Whether you’re a wine importer or wholesaler, alcohol is a substantial risk. With our help, and our wine, brewery or distillery insurance, you can make sure you’re covered for almost any eventuality, including these:

  • Loss of labels in a cellar flood
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures
  • Wine theft
  • Business interruption
  • Duty liability

Wine and spirits insurance

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A salutary Christmas tale

Two weeks before Christmas, heavy snow collapsed the roof of the bonded warehouse where our client’s wine was stored before distribution. Because of the building’s unsafe condition, the wine couldn’t be reached for a fortnight. Meanwhile, despite the bottles being unbroken, rain ruined the labels and made the product unsaleable. Under ‘normal’ policies, the notorious ‘label clause’ would have meant the product wasn’t technically damaged – so no claim would be upheld. Merry Christmas everyone!

Wine insurance that actually works

Fortunately, we’d used our knowledge and close contacts with specialist underwriters to arrange suitable cover – so the insurers paid for the wine and the consequential business disruption. Another reason why savvy importers and wholesalers trust us for their wine and spirits insurance and their peace of mind.

Once again, our forethought and industry connections got the claim paid. While other wine merchant insurance might not have paid, we settled up and went some way to saving Christmas for one very grateful wine importer.

Spirits & Wine insurance based on decades of experience

We achieve outcomes like this by knowing wine insurance inside out. We talk the language of wine importers, bonded warehousing and customs and excise too. So we’re equipped to tailor policies that really will protect your valuable wine or spirits.

Since 1981 we’ve become an authority on wine and spirit insurance. We’ve even teamed up with two specialist insurers to create an optimal policy for your needs. Our unique blend of policies includes the following advantages and benefits:

  • Bespoke policy wording
  • Competitive rating structure
  • Generous policy limits
  • Peace of mind
  • Specialist advice

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Having been a client of Ansells for 10 years, I was delighted to hear that their latest product offered wider cover specific to my company's needs and saved me £1500 into the bargain!  Keep up the good work chaps

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