Shed, wall and private garage block insurance

Shed wall and private garage insurance matters.

If you share a shed, wall or garage block, you and your residents’ organisation really should have suitable liability insurance cover. Here’s why…

Your property may be on a large development or a small barn conversion with a couple of detached garages – or a communal underground garage. Walls range from substantial retaining structures to ornamental dry-stone walling. And outbuildings could be anything from a gardener’s tool shed to a communal workshop.

The risks include accidental damage to a wall, vandalism to a shed or a garage fire that destroys your car – and your neighbour’s…

Shed, wall and private garage block insurance

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More on shed, wall and private garage insurance

Unfortunately, walls collapse or get knocked down, shed and garage fires happen, and property is damaged – or worse. If these are shared facilities they probably won’t be covered by individual household insurance.

That’s why your residents’ organisation should have suitable cover – and why we’ve specialised in these kinds of insurance since 1995:

  • Private garage insurance*
  • Shed insurance
  • Public wall insurance
  • Private wall insurance
  • Outbuilding insurance

*SINGLE GARAGE INSURANCE: our speciality is insuring blocks of garages – unfortunately, we can’t quote/offer cover if you rent a single garage away from your home and wish to cover the contents.

Unlike many insurers, we’ve built our business on a providing a few specialist kinds of cover, including shed, wall and garage-block insurance.

Insurance that just works

With one of our carefully selected policies in place, you and your neighbours can be sure that everything will be put right quickly and efficiently if there’s a claim.

There’s something about our bespoke garage, shed and wall insurance policies that homeowners and residents’ organisations like. We put it down to carefully tailoring policies and knowledgeable specialists who’ve been with us for years. While other insurers argue over claims, we just sort things out.

Let’s talk about your shed, wall and private garage insurance

Our underwriting contacts, knowledge, experience and competitive premiums set us apart and support rapid claims resolution.

Will you leave liability cover to chance or make sure you’re properly covered?

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