Private land insurance

That extra parcel of land that came with your new home could prove to be a lucrative windfall in future.

Maybe you’ll extend the garden, keep some livestock, or sell it for development… But in the meantime, you need specialist liability insurance. Here’s why…

Unless the land is part of your garden, you’ll almost certainly find that any public liability cover from your home policy won’t apply. Does that matter? After all, surely it’s only a piece of rough ground?

Well, actually, it could. Imagine if vandals set a fire on the land and it spread to a neighbouring property? Or if a neighbour broke their ankle in a rabbit hole while helping you clear scrub? Such things happen, and if they do you’ll be glad you’ve got liability insurance.

Whether you call it ‘land insurance’, ‘estate insurance’ or ‘land liability cover’, we should talk.

Private land insurance

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More on private land and private estate insurance

Whatever the details of your land, if it isn’t covered by your home insurance it needs separate estate liability cover.

Fortunately, we’ve specialised in private estate liability cover since 1995. Unlike insurers who know a little about many different types of cover, we concentrate on detailed knowledge about a few kinds of cover. And private estate insurance is one of them.

Insurance that just works

With a carefully selected policy in place, you’ll enjoy peace of mind from knowing your public liability for the land is covered. That’s a nice feeling as you get on with planning how you’ll use your property.

There’s something about our specialist liability policies that landowners like. We believe it’s down to carefully tailoring a policy to your requirements. And the knowledgeable land insurance specialists who’ve been with us for years.

Let’s talk about your private land insurance

Our underwriting contacts, knowledge, experience and competitive premiums set us apart and support rapid resolution of any claims you might make. So, will you leave that parcel of land uninsured or make sure you’re covered properly?

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