Playground and swimming pool insurance

Do you need to know about swimming pool insurance and playground insurance?

We’re talking communal pools and play areas – the kind shared by residents on private developments.

If you’re fortunate enough to share such facilities, or you run a residents’ organisation, swimming pool liability cover or public play area insurance is vital. Here’s why…

The obvious risks are injury or damage during swimming or play. But what if someone’s hurt due to vandalism, or there’s criminal damage, or someone’s injured using the pool without permission?

Playground and swimming pool insurance

More on pool and playground liability insurance

Unfortunately, deaths, injuries and damage happen at pools and playgrounds like yours. That’s why you should make sure your residents’ association or management company has appropriate playground or swimming pool insurance cover – and why we’ve specialised in this since 1995.

Unlike insurers who know a little about lots, we know lots about a few kinds of insurance. And one of these is specialist pool and public playground insurance for residential developments. The fact that we also handle activity business insurance and fitness centre insurance only increases our knowledge and your peace of mind.

Maybe you believe communal pool or playground liability cover comes with individual homeowners’ property insurance? Unfortunately that’s unlikely, which is why management companies and residents’ associations talk to us.

We’ll arrange suitable cover and take the pain out of handling claims if they happen. With our carefully selected policies everything is put right quickly and efficiently – as our existing customers know.

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Insurance that just works

There’s something about our bespoke playground and swimming pool insurance that strikes a chord with homeowners and residents’ organisations. We put it down to carefully tailored policies and knowledgeable specialists who’ve been with us for years. While other insurers argue over claims, we just sort things out.

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Our underwriting contacts, knowledge, experience and competitive premiums set us apart and support rapid claims resolution.

Will you leave pool or playground liability cover to chance or make sure the right cover is in place.

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