Residents’ association insurance

Residents’ association insurance should matter to you. Here’s why.

Being in a residents’ association or management company brings special insurance responsibilities. Do you live in an exclusive gated community, on an unadopted road or where there’s a residents’ association for your flats? If so, residents’ association insurance (or ‘property public liability insurance’) could make the difference between a simple solution and a legal nightmare if there’s a damage or injury in communal spaces around your home.

What if the papergirl’s hurt, there’s an accident in a play area, or a visitor’s car is damaged by a pothole on a shared driveway? Although you’re insured within your home, public liability insurance is essential for communal areas. That’s why we specialise in the following:

Residents’ association insurance

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More about residents’ association insurance

Unlike many insurance businesses, we specialise in doing a few things well. Rather than knowing a little about lots of different insurance we know lots about a few specialist insurances – including residents’ association public liability insurance.

If you understand the idea of ‘employers liability insurance’, ‘company liability insurance’ or ‘small business public liability insurance’ you’ll know what we’re talking about. Just as businesses need cover, so do you and your fellow residents. It’s probably standard for your home and garden – but not for shared roadways and recreational areas beyond your boundaries…

That’s why we’re here, your public liability insurance broker for clear advice and a policy you can trust.

Reassuringly knowledgeable specialists

There’s something about our service that appeals to our private and business customers (yes, we handle business public liability insurance too). We put it down to tailored policies and knowledgeable specialists who’ve been with us for years (we’ve arranged public liability cover for property owners since 1995). And excellent underwriting contacts and reliable claims support when you need it.

Got a question? Want a no-obligation quotation? Please call 0800 140 4541 or contact us online.

Got a question? Want a no-obligation quotation?

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