Walking insurance for instructors

Are you a guide, leader or instructor seeking walking insurance (or ‘walking accident insurance’) to cover your public liability? If you’re considering online-only, tick-the-boxes, insurers, we suggest you don’t. Here’s why…

When you arrange to take a group walking, you probably find out about their capabilities so you can plan the activity. It’s the same when we arrange your walking guide public liability cover or any of the following insurances:

  • Canyoning insurance
  • Scouting guide insurance
  • Gorgewalking insurance
  • Coasteering insurance
  • Orienteering insurance
  • Fell walking insurance
  • Outward bound insurance

Walking insurance for instructors

Since 1995, our experienced team has done more than just tick boxes to arrange instructors’ public liability insurance. Instead, we like to learn about you and the scope of your activities before designing appropriate cover.

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More on walking insurance for instructors and guides

We both understand the risks of walking activities – they’re generally very low. But things go wrong sometimes:

  • A freak change in the weather.
  • A mistake when someone follows your advice after receiving instruction.
  • A moment’s distraction.
  • Misunderstood instructions.

You’d be amazed how many claims we see after incidents in car parks at the start or finish of walks – or between activities on multi-activity days. Whatever happens, being on the wrong end of a claim isn’t the time to find you haven’t got the right hiking or canyoning liability cover.

By the way, did you know that if you arrange accommodation or travel as well as leading activities, you’re a tour operator who legally requires special insurance? This doesn’t just mean arranging walks along Switzerland’s Alpine Pass Route or to Everest base camp – it could simply mean booking train travel and a B&B for a weekend on Dartmoor. If this could apply to you, please ask for more information.

Walking instructor insurance that works

If things go wrong, having an inadequate insurance partner makes things worse. On the other hand, you could have a partner who settles claims fast and efficiently – like us.

While some insurers know a bit about lots of different cover, we know lots about a few areas – including walking, coasteering, gorge walking and orienteering. Our cover goes way beyond the basics too. Unlike many insurers, we’ll even indemnify you for advice you give to individuals and groups.

Let’s talk about your insurance

Do you really want to hit the trail without suitable liability insurance? That’s why it makes sense to join the guides and instructors who already trust our walking, canyoning, gorge walking and coasteering cover for their peace of mind.

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