Cross-training insurance

You’re passionate about teaching cross training and helping clients to maximise their fitness. Whatever cross-training discipline you specialise in, appropriate instructor insurance is an essential complement to your skills as a trainer.

If anything, cross training’s unique characteristics put more onus on you as an instructor. This makes it even more important to have specialised insurance cover. What's more, such training may encourage some people to sacrifice exercise quality for speed – or even attract personalities who push themselves to the point of harm. Good cover is in everyone’s interests.

CrossFit® and Cross training insurance

Good news if you're seeking cross-training workout insurance

You'll be pleased to learn that if you’re seeking cross-training instructor insurance we've got the proven cover that gives you and your students priceless peace of mind...

  • Cross-training class insurance
  • Instructor cover
  • Cross-training studio insurance
  • Specialised tutor and training insurance
  • Cross-training class insurance

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More about cross-training insurance

Since its creation by Gregg Glassman in 2000, the CrossFit® movement has grown rapidly around the world. Although we are not affiliated with this organisation, or its officially-endorsed insurance provider, we can of course arrange cover if you instruct in this discipline. The same applies for any of the other forms of cross training that are now so popular with amateur and professional athletes.

Occasionally, things go wrong – even for the most conscientious instructors. If that happens, the last thing you need is inadequate insurance cover. You may be tempted to choose cross-training insurance cover made up of combined public liability and professional indemnity (PI) policies. Unfortunately, public liability insurance won't cover injury claims resulting from your advice or instruction. Equally, professional indemnity policies won't cover bodily injury. In fact, insuring like this can make things worse if the worst happens – especially if you need to make, or defend, a claim and discover you're uninsured.

Peace of mind from your personal trainer insurance cover

Now compare such well-intended mix-and-match insurance with the proven approach and experienced underwriting we've developed since the 1990s. With the right cover in place, you can get on with instructing – while knowing that one straightforward policy is protecting your interests:

  • Twists, strains and other training injuries.
  • Third-party liability.
  • Wider liability resulting from advice you give while instructing.

Insurance that appeals to instructors like you

After so many years providing fitness-industry insurance, there’s clearly something about our cover and service that appeals to instructors like you. We put it down to the following:

  • Tailored policies cover you properly.
  • Peace of mind with a public liability extension covering advice and instruction.
  • Knowledgeable specialists have been with us for years.
  • Excellent underwriting contacts.
  • Reliable claims support when you need it.

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