Boxercise insurance

Boxercise – fast moving, fitness-building boxing moves without the levels of physical contact associated with boxing.

It's great complementary training for a wide variety of sports that require good upper-body strength.

Do you need boxercise instructor insurance or boxercise studio insurance? Being contact-free, you might imagine that boxercise, developed by UK boxing instructor Andy Wake in the 1990s, would be incident free. Unfortunately not, for though it's great for different ages, sexes and fitness levels, things still go wrong sometimes. Whether it's due to unintended contact or a trip in your studio, that's when our boxercise insurance could prove to be your best business investment.

Boxercise insurance

More about boxercise training insurance

Wherever you work and whoever you teach, proper boxercise class insurance is your safety net in case of an incident affecting you or a pupil. As with all our policies, we hope you'll never need to call on your insurance. But if you do, you'll know you have the best possible cover.

Maybe you think you can arrange your boxercise tutor insurance by combining different professional indemnity (PI) and public liability policies. Unfortunately, public liability insurance won't cover bodily injury claims resulting from your advice or instruction – and professional indemnity policies exclude injury cover. Cobbling together boxercise instructor insurance like this may seem clever, but could easily leave you uninsured if you need to claim.

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The reassurance you need from your policy

In contrast, our boxercise workout insurance, with its public liability extension giving protection against injury resulting from your advice, gives all the reassurance you need. Our policies have been carefully developed since the 1990s to cover the risks you face in one straightforward policy:

  • The usual slips, trips and falls
  • Third-party liability
  • Wider liability resulting from advice you give while instructing

Reassuringly knowledgeable specialists

After so many years in this field, there’s something about our boxercise cover that appeals to instructors like you. We put it down to the following:

  • Tailored policies that cover you properly Knowledgeable specialists who’ve been with us for years Excellent underwriting contacts Reliable claims support when you need it.

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