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You’re a winner if your fitness centre or gym insurance includes cover for giving advice during training. Most policies don’t. Fortunately, ours do…

What could go wrong in the gym or at boot camp in the park? When one of our customers suffered a slipped disc during exercise based on a trainer’s instructions, they were glad of our bespoke cover. In that situation, the wrong broker and underwriter could have added even more agony to an already painful training accident. As it happened, our underwriters paid out quickly. That’s why clients trust us for their gym and fitness insurance – and their peace of mind…

Gym and Fitness centre insurance

Leisure centre and gym insurance that works

Leisure and sport insurance gets tricky without premises. When boot camps and personal trainers advise clients outdoors, the instructor’s involvement increases – and so does the risk. Please contact us when you need cover such as the following:

Whether you lead activities indoors or outdoors, make sure your policy covers the extra risk when clients act on advice you give them. Many leisure and sport insurance policies don't, but ours do, for straightforward cover you can count on. Please call 0800 140 4541 or contact us online when you need insurance such as the following:

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More than just a certificate


Our bespoke BAHIS-brand fitness industry insurance helps keep trainers and gym operators like you in business if the worst happens. We don’t fudge cover with improvised personal indemnity and public-liability hybrids. Instead, our policies include advice-giving as standard within public liability.

You can trust us with your gym or fitness centre insurance – and your professional reputation. You’ll get more than just an insurance certificate too. As well as providing priceless peace of mind, we also advise on other aspects of running your sports or leisure business: employee issues; car park insurance or even buildings insurance. It’s all part of our service.

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Will you do business under the shadow of uninsured risk, or join hundreds of clients who already trust us for their peace of mind – and enjoy up to 15% discount if they’re members of UK Active?

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In fitness centre and gym insurance, real reassurance comes with decades of expertise behind you. Please ask us a question, learn more or get your no-obligation quotation today.
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Look at what our clients say about our Fitness insurance cover

John Ansell have provided us with what we now believe to be the best in the business. So specialist are they that they have told me what kind of policy I should have and answered all my questions before they have been asked

Nick Ingham  Compass Health and Fitness

I renewed my Club Insurance and was pleasantly surprised that I was able to make considerable savings through John Ansell.  What also impressed me was that as specialist agents they knew exactly what requirements I needed and advised me accordingly.  I was also staggered that my previous insurance company was actually NOT providing me with adequate, or the appropriate insurance for my business, which does not bear thinking about if a claim was made.  So not only have I saved money I now have complete peace of mind that I am properly covered for every and all eventualities.

Julia Harris   Changes Health Club

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