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Triathlon insurance and duathlon race insurance

If you organise triathlons, duathlons or aquathlons you must have good public and employers' liability insurance. Here’s why…

Is your event a major international triathlon or a charity aquathlon at the local pool? Either way, one little problem could quickly turn the event into a litigation nightmare.

Fortunately, it needn’t be like that with help from an experienced specialist broker and insurance cover matched to your event. Not just any insurance cover, but specialised triathlon, aquathlon or duathlon race insurance that protects you throughout planning, organising and running your event.

By the way, please make sure you arrange cover for the higher indemnity limits that often form part of today's contracts. Nowadays, £10m isn’t unusual, but many brokers can’t get this fully underwritten by one insurer. We can, which makes everything easier for you.

Triathlon insurance and duathlon race insurance

As a conscientious commercial or charity event organiser, you’ll plan everything thoroughly. It’s the same when we arrange any of the following for you:

  • Triathlon insurance
  • Duathlon insurance / duathlon travel insurance
  • Insurance for aquathlon races

That’s why, since 1981, our experienced specialist team has arranged the right insurance for hundreds of clients who enjoy activities like these. Of course, like sportspeople who invest time and effort into their activity, we take time getting to know you and your event. Only then do we design appropriate triathlon, aquathlon or duathlon event insurance for you.

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More about duathlon and triathlon event insurance

As professionals, we both understand the risks associated with combining running, swimming and cycling – and how minor incidents occasionally turn more serious:

  • A competitor loses control of their bike during a transition and injures a marshal – with appropriate triathlon insurance, bike riders and others are protected.
  • A claim made against a subcontractor leads to a contingent liability for you, the event organiser.
  • Unforeseen weather and tides mean aquathlon competitors get into difficulty in open water.

Compared with some outdoor activities, triathlons and duathlons are remarkably safe. However, it only takes one problem to jeopardise your reputation (and your ability to run more events).

Triathlon insurance and duathlon race insurance

Triathlon and duathlon insurance that works

Insurance, like washing swimming costumes, or saddle sores, isn’t ‘sexy’ or glamorous. However, as an organiser, having appropriate cover gives you peace of mind – and participants, employees, volunteers and venue owners too. That’s what we’re here for.

Triathlon insurance shouldn’t be just for event day either. As well as being more cost-effective, annual cover protects you season-long, with year-end adjustments based on how many events you actually organised. This also means that early-season claims are unlikely to put paid to events later in the year. Trust us; it can happen with event-by-event cover.

Indoors or outdoors, on land or water, whatever your triathlon, duathlon or aquathlon event, we bring over 30 years’ reassuring specialist experience. Then there’s our access to specialist underwriters. It all means you can count on the right cover backed by knowledgeable, reliable service. We can even arrange triathlon insurance abroad.

We’ll look after your duathlon or triathlon insurance while you and your competitors plan and enjoy another challenging event. Alas, we can’t take care of the weather or the water temperature on the day…

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