Sportive insurance and endurance cycling insurance

Whether you organise major sportives or local rides, public and employers' liability cover matters. Here’s why…

Okay, so your cyclosportive isn’t quite La Marmotte or l’Etappe du Tour. However, put competitive cyclists together on roads or trails and some danger is inevitable. What you don’t want is for minor incidents to become uninsured legal nightmares...

That’s why, if you organise cycling sportive, insurance must be a priority. You deserve a special broker – and sportive insurance designed for your event. Only trust cover that protects you throughout planning, organising and running events. In addition, make sure you’re covered for the high indemnity limits often stipulated in contracts these days. Nowadays, a £10m minimum is common, yet many brokers can’t get this underwritten in full by a single insurer. We can, which frees you from another worry.

Sportive insurance & endurance cycling insurance

As a reputable event organiser, you plan routes and event logistics meticulously. The same applies when we arrange your insurance. By the way, as well as sportive insurance, our experience also covers other types of endurance cycling and mountain biking insurance:

  • Sportive insurance
  • Sportive travel insurance
  • Sportive cycle insurance
  • Endurance cycling insurance
  • Long distance cycling insurance
  • Mountain biking insurance (abroad as well as UK)
  • Travel insurance for mountain biking holiday activities

Since 1981, our team has painstakingly arranged custom-made cover for event organisers like you. Just as riders take time to understand routes, we take time to understand you and your event before designing suitable cover.

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More on cycling sportive insurance

We’re both professionals, so we understand the risks of amateur and professional cycling. This is true whether it’s a long sportive or off-roading that demands specialist mountain biking insurance.

As you know, mishaps can quickly turn great rides into organisers’ nightmares.

  • A mountain biker is impaled on a branch at a remote location. You may not be responsible for the incident but could be liable if your contingency planning isn’t up to scratch.
  • A major pile-up damages spectators’ vehicles on a public roadside. Then the claims start arriving…
  • A cyclist crashes into a volunteer marshal and both are hurt.

For thousands of cyclists, sportive, endurance cycling or mountain biking provides incident-free enjoyment and challenge. However, as organiser, an uninsured liability claim could ruin your reputation (and your ability to run future events).

Sportive insurance & endurance cycling insurance

Cycling event insurance that works

Like chain lube and chaffing, insurance isn’t ‘sexy’ or particularly cool. However, having the right cover, like good kit, gives peace of mind. Just imagine knowing everything’s covered at every event phase.

That’s right, at every stage. Cover shouldn’t just start on event day, especially when annual cover is more cost-effective for you What’s more, you get year-long protection (with year-end premium adjustment based on how many events you organise). Imagine the damage to your livelihood if an early-season claim stopped you organising more rides later in the year? It could happen with event-by-event insurance cover.

Whatever your cycling event, over 30 years’ experience with sportive and mountain biker insurance means we know what we're doing when we protect you. What’s more, our closeness to specialist underwriters ensures tailored cover backed by service you can trust…

We’ll take care of your sportive insurance while you and your competitors plan and enjoy the event. What we can’t guarantee is the weather, or a puncture-free ride…

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