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Marathon insurance and endurance insurance

If you organise (or are planning) long distance running races it’s essential to have suitable public and employers’ liability marathon insurance cover. Here’s why…

Is your event a full or half-marathon, an ultra marathon in the UK or abroad, a mountain marathon or another long distance running race? For any of them, one little problem can turn a challenging run into a litigious nightmare.

That’s why you deserve a special insurance broker and insurance designed specifically for your activity. You need proven cover to protect you during planning, organisation and running of your events. You’ll also want to make sure you're covered for today’s higher indemnity limits (often required as part of a contract). These are typically £10m, which many brokers can’t get underwritten in full by one insurer. We can, which makes everything easier for you.

Marathon insurance and endurance insurance

As a conscientious commercial or not-for-profit event organiser, you'll thoroughly plan the route, facilities and support. We’re equally thorough when we arrange any of the following:

  • Marathon insurance
  • Endurance marathon insurance
  • Ultra marathon insurance (or ultra marathon travel insurance)
  • Ultra running insurance
  • Mountain marathon insurance

That’s why, since 1981, our experienced specialist team has arranged the right insurance for hundreds of clients who enjoy activities like these. Of course, like marathon runners who research the course, we always take time to get to know you and your event before designing suitable cover.

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More about marathon and endurance insurance

As professionals, we both understand the risks associated with long distance running – and how minor mishaps can turn into disasters:

  • A runner is hurt on a remote location where vehicles can’t go.
  • A group of runners on a mountain marathon in UK fell country takes a shortcut and damages a field boundary.
  • A runner and a volunteer collide, injuring both.

Compared with many sports, marathon running is usually safe and most events are incident-free. However, it only takes one catastrophe and your reputation as an organiser (and your ability to run more events) could take a heavy fall.

Marathon insurance and endurance insurance

Marathon running insurance that works

Insurance, like running-shoe liners and heat-rub isn’t ‘sexy’ or glamorous. But it is vital and having the right cover ensures your peace of mind – as well as that of participants, paid and volunteer employees and venue owners.

Your cover shouldn’t start on event day either. As well as being more cost-effective for you, annual cover protects you season-long, with a year-end adjustment depending on how many races you actually organise. This also means that a claim early in a series of events is unlikely to stop you organising more races later (as can happen with event-by-event cover). Just a thought…

Whatever your event, over 30 years’ experience as a marathon insurance broker with specialist underwriters means we arrange the right cover backed by knowledgeable, reliable service…

We take care of the marathon or endurance marathon insurance while you and your competitors plan and enjoy each challenging event.

The one thing we can’t take care of is the weather on the day…

For immediate advice or a quote for marathon insurance, contact us on 0800 131 3417 or

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