British orienteering insurance

If you organise orienteering events in the UK or abroad you need good public and employers’ liability cover. Here’s why…

Orienteering may be chiefly about navigation, but speed across varying terrain is also vital. Are your events major international challenges or local fun to support a charity? Either way, things can easily go wrong during planning, as well as the event itself. That’s why we arrange orienteering insurance to make sure minor incidents don’t turn your event into a major uninsured nightmare…

With so much at stake, including your reputation as an organiser, you deserve a good broker. You need a specialist with experience of arranging British orienteering insurance – and close relationships with underwriters.

Wherever you operate, make sure your policy covers today’s higher indemnity limits. They’re often stipulated in contracts, but where £2m or £5m used to be the UK standard indemnity limit, £10m minimums are now common. Unfortunately, many brokers can’t get this fully underwritten by one insurer, which complicates things for you. We can.

British orienteering insurance

Many people think of orienteering as ‘cross country with a map and compass’. For many participants it is, but orienteering sports also embraces several important variants, including these:

  • Canoe orienteering
  • Foot orienteering
  • Mounted orienteering
  • Mountain-bike orienteering
  • Ski orienteering
  • Micro orienteering (such as SportLabrynth)

Whatever orienteering means to you, we’re sure you’ll plan everything thoroughly – including your insurance.

It’s the same when we arrange your cover. Since 1981, our team has carefully matched specialist insurance to the needs of outdoor activity-events including orienteering.

Orienteers carefully plan use of techniques such as pacing, thumbing, handrails and attack points. Similarly, whether you want organisers’ insurance for orienteering worldwide, or just in the UK, we’ll carefully understand you and your event before recommending cover.

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More on British orienteering insurance

As professionals in our fields, we both understand the risks associated with orienteering – and their organisation:

  • Competitors cross farmland, damaging crops and boundaries. Result: a claim against you, the organiser.
  • An unpaid volunteer marshal is injured during your event. Under British law, they can still be an ‘employee’ even though they’re unpaid. You need employers’ liability.
  • You build an event website with a comments section; problems start when someone posts ill-considered content...

For most participants, orienteering is an enjoyable way to have healthy fun in the countryside. However, as we’ve seen, there are risks. As an event organiser, facing claims without suitable public or employers' liability cover isn’t good.

British orienteering insurance

Orienteering event insurance that works

For most people (not us, we eat, sleep and breathe it) insurance isn’t particularly exciting. That said, carefully chosen cover gives you and your employees, participants and suppliers priceless peace of mind at every stage of organising and running your event.

Yes, that’s every stage. You see, there are good reasons why your cover shouldn’t start and end on the day(s) of the event:

  • Annual cover is probably more cost-effective if you organise multiple events.
  • Season-long protection minimises the risk of an early-season claim jeopardising events later in the year.
  • Year-end adjustments reflect how many events you actually ran; they could put money back in your account.

What kind of terrain will your participants navigate? Rough or smooth, 30 years’ experience, and access to specialist underwriters, means you can count on custom-made cover backed by service you can trust.

We’ll sort your worldwide, Europe-wide or British orienteering insurance certificate while you arrange event(s). We only wish we could guarantee beautiful weather on the day!

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