Activity business insurance


Accident and incident claims for activity businesses like yours really can be resolved quickly and efficiently – with the right cover...

When a client of an activity business insurance customer was accidentally dropped from height, they became a quadriplegic. In an instant, their life was transformed and the consequences for the company could have been ruinous. A poor choice of broker and activity insurance, and costly lawyers, could have exacerbated a human tragedy and broken a thriving business. Fortunately, the story didn’t end like that, which is why clients trust us for their insurance and peace of mind…

Activity business insurance

Activity business insurance with fast settlements

In our client’s case, our experience and close insurer relationships got a multi-million pound adventure activity insurance indemnity paid quickly. While other insurers’ lawyers might still have been arguing, the victim got the money needed to rebuild their life – and our client kept trading.

We achieve such outcomes because, after decades in speciality business insurance, our contacts, knowledge and experience set us apart and make rapid claim resolution possible in these areas:

  • Indoor activity centre insurance
  • Outdoor activity centre insurance
  • Indoor and outdoor activity insurance

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More than just an activity business insurance certificate

You can trust us with your indoor or outdoor activity business insurance and your reputation. You get more than just an insurance certificate. You get peace of mind with protection from risks that other insurers don’t cover – such as when you advise on activities ranging from abseiling to zorbing.

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Will you trade under the threat of uninsured risk, or join hundreds of activity business clients who trust us. Unlike many brokers, we don’t try to be everything to everyone. Instead, we know lots about a little, stick to what we know, and do what we do well. So you can count on us.

In activity business insurance, peace of mind comes with decades of expertise on your side. Please ask us a question, learn more or get your no-obligation quotation today. Call 0800 140 4541 or contact us online.

Our activity business insurance covers the following and more…

  • Adventure activities.
  • Single and multi-activity centres for schools, groups and individuals.
  • Field study centres.
  • Independent sports, recreation and leisure centres.
  • Community, youth, religious and environmental study groups/centres.
  • National and independent governing. bodies/associations/committees and charities.
  • Other diverse leisure, sports, education and training.
  • Outdoor activity/educational centres.
  • Climbing wall centres.
  • Management development training centres and organisations.
  • Corporate hospitality organisers.
  • Off-road driving centres.
  • Tour operators.
  • Gymnasiums.
  • Health and fitness clubs.

Activity business insurance

We include what many others leave out

Our special activity business insurance extensions include the following:

  • Non-negligent property damage at temporarily-tenanted premises (up to £10,000).
  • Advice liability for fee-paid instructors, teachers, supervisors, leaders and marshalls.
  • Member-to-member liability.
  • Contingent liability for acts of sub-contractors.
  • Ownership, use or possession of water craft, unlicensed off-road vehicles and horses.
  • Health, beauty and hairdressing treatment indemnity.
  • Accident/holiday/event insurance.
  • Group/individual personal accident, travel and business cover for students, adults or executive participants, instructors and staff.
  • Tour operators’ liability (EEC Directive on Package Travel).
  • Specialist and private motor schemes (including minibuses, and hire and reward).

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At last someone who does what they say, what a relief to find someone who can do their job

Steve Dornan (Team Leader) Ochil Explorers Adventure Club

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